I can't quite recall how I ended up buying my first pair Lululemon Commision  pants but it must've been while I was in college. (Sorry reader, but I am young. I apologize because it seems to be an insult to some crew members.) College for me was 2017-2021... hahaha You could be younger than me, you could be older. The point is: We all wear pants, and I'm still buying LULU's even after they get holes and my work belt tears out the belt loops. I'm sure a kind lady along the way up suggested that I shop at Lulu.  I've purchased and ruined maybe over 10 pairs of these pants. They make your ass look great. If anyone knows Leonel Sanchez the KG/BBG, you'd know he loves his lulu's and has a pro dumper. He's an owner /op of the pro dumper LF (open gate).

Anyway these days, I try to wear more jeans. I've been liking the protection from stands, concrete, and lift gates. Just some selvedge. I've ruined way too many Lulus. 

Lot's of people go for climbing pants or hiking pants. Someone ought to engineer some pants meant for each dept. Obviously production could keep wearing LULUs and they'll last a life time. Not doggin on PA's. Never doggin on PA's, unless they just came out of **(insert some LA film school here)**.