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    Come in and solve your on-set discomfort, because you deserve it!

    Free quote and consultation!

    The Komfort Shop
    WRAPBOX #002
    CEET prototype 3
    010 WRAPBOX LID (pre stain)
    Hand tool wall
    Tripple Header resize for D.K.
    The 1st CEET
    Kit Box
    CEET prototype 3.3
    CEET prototype 4.0
    1st WB owners
    Testing CEET
    Let us help

    At Komfort On Set we believe in a more komfortable set. At the very least we hope our products make you smile.

    If you haven't found a solution to a problem you are having on set, it is possible that, together, we can solve it.

    Consultation is free.

    FOR NEW DEVICES: $70/hr shop time. 4 hour min.

    FOR MODS & QUICK JOBS: <1h $40.

    PRINTING: $12/hr print time + cost of filament (free quote)